Welcome to Joopy Gems! My name is Julia Aufenast and I’m on a mission to make the world a more beautiful place, one shiny, sparkly stone at a time! I've recently moved back to the UK after over 10 years in Hong Kong and have brought my business with me.


When I came to Hong Kong in 2009, I was a psychologist who made jewellery on the side. I soon discovered that Hong Kong is a cornucopia for gems and pearls of all kinds and before you could say ‘custom cut gems’ I found myself awash with more stones that I could ever use. I started selling my spares and Joopy Gems was born. I began to experiment with different stones and more cuts, specializing in rose cuts and cabochons, because these were the stones I had used and had struggled to find. In particular, I had found problems with quality, as traditionally cabochons are cut from less good material. I made it my mission to plug this gap in the market, to offer an extensive range of gemstones, sizes and cuts, and to offer them in high quality material. Most of my stones are cut to my specifications and I am always adding to my range. I also have a good range of mixed cut (traditional) gemstones as well as pearls. As my inventory has grown, so has my knowledge and I am a GIA Graduate Gemologist.