Values & Mission

We are guided by a set of values and standards that put customers and quality first. We have a genuine love of gemstones and our mission is to supply the best quality at the best price to delight our customers.

  • To make each customer feel valued. We want our customers to feel that we care about them, and about getting things right for them. Every customer matters and every project is important. We sometimes make mistakes but we will go the extra mile to sort them out.
  • To help each customer to find the perfect stones for their project; we are not just suppliers, but partners in a creative process. We want our customers to feel they can come to us for help and support in making their designs come to life
  • To appreciate and value our role in our customers’ creative journey; we are honoured by our customers choice in coming to us, and excited by the part we play in making their inspiration come to life.
  • To be open, honest and transparent; we want our customers to know exactly what each stone is and what has been done with it, so that our customers can make an informed choice, and inform their customers in turn. We are bound by the GIA guidelines on ethics and honesty
  • To use clear and easily understandable language to communication important information about our products
  • To be friendly and approachable; we want customers to feel that they can come to us and ask questions; we are knowledgable about gemstones and love to talk about them.
  • To provide our customers with the biggest and best choice of stone possible. We want our customers to feel that they can get what they need from us.
  • To offer the best quality stones possible at the best price. We don’t sell poor quality stones, and that does come at a price, but we are always trying to keep prices as competitive as possible.
  • To pass on our genuine love of gemstones to as many people as possible!

Julia Aufenast