Dark Grey Diamond Rose Cut Cabochon 3mm Round

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This is a grey diamond in a 3mm rose cut round cabochon. These are really nice, glittering stones that look great with white metals. Opaque and coloured diamonds have become very popular recently and it's easy to see why; the trademark flash of a diamond at a fraction of the price, and with an edgy, contemporary feel. These are very eye-catching and are cut with kite shaped facets and are in fact more translucent than opaque. The stones are included and may have the odd chip and pit on the girdle or base, as is very common with this material. The colour of this is not very dark, but is described to distinguish from the light grey rose cuts I also carry in this material.

Size:  3mm

Shape:  Round

Cut:  Rose Cut Cabochon

Approx carats per stone:  0.15

Country of Origin:  South Africa

Treatment:  Heat and irradiation

Clarity:  Translucent

Additional Details

0.10 Grams

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