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Specularite Freesize Oval Bead/Slice, 167.035 carats, 40.2x30.3x9.5mm, CFRSPEC6

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This is a gorgeous piece of specularite, with a steel-grey body colour and sparkling silver shards across the stone. It is drilled, so can obviously be used as a bead, but I can see it working just as well as a slice, in a window setting, or even a bezel, although the surface is somewhat curved. Please note that the stone is an organic, freeform piece and is cut with a deliberately uneven thickness. Please also note that haematite has a high specific gravity (density) therefore this is quite a heavy stone. This stone has a lovely, silky matte polish, which provides a perfect foil for the silvery streaks.

Size:  40.2x30.3x9.5mm

Shape: Freeform

Cut: Bead/Slice

Size of drill hole: 3mm

Carat weight: 167.035

Country of Origin: Unknown

Treatment: None

Clarity: Opaque

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0.07 Grams

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